My Top 9 Palettes

   Welcome back! 

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want my first post to be, and I decided to jump right into it and show my collection. I’m starting with my palettes because it’s one of my favorite parts of my collection. I will list them ranked from least favorite to favorite.

                                                              Let’s jump right in!

9. Too Faced Christmas In New York (50 USD)

 This is (obviously) the holiday palette from 2017. This came in a set with a travel sized Better Than Sex Mascara, and Melted Chocolate liquid lipstick. 

The colors are what immediately drew me to the palette. I played with it quite a bit when I first got it, and i can honestly say it wasn’t worth it. The mattes don’t blend well and aren’t very pigmented. 

The reason I still have it is because i enjoy using some of the chunkier glitters. Because of the downsides, I don’t recommend purchasing Too Faced holiday sets. 

 *only available on secondary sites, as it was a limited edition holiday collection*

8. Kat Von D Shade And Light Glimmer Palette (49 USD)

This is a beautiful palette, and I really enjoy having it in my collection. Some of the glitter shades have fall out, but that’s to be expected. I usually just spray some MAC fix+ on my brush after I pick up the color.

Obviously, this isn’t an all-in-one kind of palette, as it doesn’t have any matte shades. however, the shades are very pigmented and last really well when paired with the right primer. 

The packaging is sturdy and gorgeous, and the mirror is a really nice size!


7. Lorac Pro Contour in (45 USD at ULTA)

This is the only contour palette I have, I really am not obsessed with contouring so this is enough for me. It’s a great palette that a lot of people love. This also came with a brush that is very well made, and I use it almost every time I use the palette. The colors are pigmented, and they blend SO well, which is what you would want from contour shades. 

I like the option of using multiple colors and I love the banana shade that comes in it. 

The highlighter isn’t really anything special, but it is good for those with lighter skin tones to dust all over the face for a pretty glow. I have tried the Anastasia contour palette, and i honestly like this one better, I do recommend it.


6. Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette (45 USD on Ulta and Tarte website)

Okay, I lied, I do have another contour palette. However, this is for eyes and face. I mostly just use the shadows from this one. It looks very boring at first, but the cool tones really transform any look. they’re gorgeous and blend like a DREAM. 

I have experimented a little with the contour shades, and I can say that they also blend so well. The shades aren’t perfect for me, but that’s probably because i’m so fair. 

Overall, I would recommend it solely for the cool tone nudes, I’m seriously in love with them.

**The shades in the picture are looking a lot warmer/ darker than they really are, keep that in mind**


5. Natasha Denona Mini Sunset Palette (25 USD on Sephora)

Let me start by saying that I’m in love with Natasha Denona shadows. I so badly want to get my hands on one of her full palettes, but they run for about $120 a pop (depending on the palette). 

I’ll just sum it up and say that they blend better than anything i’ve ever used. They work so well with any primer, and other shadows (liquid and powder) sit on top of them so beautifully. This has 3 shimmers/ glitters and 2 matte colors.

The only reason it’s not my favorite is because I don’t LOVE all of the shades. There’s a shimmery cranberry/red that I don’t really use. That’s just my preference, but the other shades are BEAUTIFUL.


4. Lorac Pro Matte (28 USD at Ulta)

This is a really handy palette! It’s exactly what it says it is, 8 very richly pigmented shadows. Obviously, I use the shade “Bare” almost daily to set my shadow primer. I also use “Jet Black” to set my liquid or gel liner every single time. 

The shadows themselves are SO buttery soft, and SO pigmented. however, because they’re so soft, they easily shatter. My black shade shattered while I was traveling, even though I was very careful with it. I will say that it was super easy to press back, and I haven’t had a problem since. 

**Yes I’m aware the picture on the right is the contour palette, but the pro matte looks basically the same. I goofed**


3. Urban Decay Naked Palette (49 USD)

This is the PERFECT neutral, every day palette. This was actually the first palette I ever purchased. It’s perfect for beginners, and it’s still perfect while I have more experience. 

Here’s the sad news. Urban Decay has stopped making the Naked 1 palette. If you want this palette, now’s the time to get it for 2 reasons. 1- It wont be around for much longer, and 2- It’s on sale at Sephora for $27. 

**Edit– It seems like this palette is no longer available on Sephora 😦 **

As you can tell, most of these colors are well loved, especially the matte brown I used to use for my brows, and my two favorite shimmers (Sin and Virgin).




2. My customized palette (price depends on single shadow prices)

Yes, this is technically just a bunch of single shadows. But isn’t that what all palettes are? …technically? Okay whatever. 

So, I have collected some singles from Colour Pop, Coastal Scents, Wet N Wild, and some randos. I’m going to list everything that I know the name/ brand of in order of the picture. 

(starting at the top left)

Colour pop “Celestial”/ Coastal Scents “Caramel ice”/ Colour Pop “High strung”/Colour pop “liar,liar”/ Coastal Scents “frosty taupe”/ Colour Pop “now and zen”/ Colour pop “glass bull”/ Colour pop “west star”/ Colour Pop “ready or yacht”/ Coastal Scents “wild raisin”/ Colour Pop “Wake Up Call”/ Colour pop “paper tiger”/ The balm; shade unknown/ Colour pop “Let’s do it”/ Coastal Scents “Chocolatier”/ Lorac highlighter that broke and had to be put in a smaller pan/ unknown/ Wet N Wild/ Wet N Wild/ Unknown

Sorry I don’t know all of them 😦

*They’re in a clear face MAC palette*


  1. Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic 720 Glambition (49 USD)

Thanks for sticking around this long, so here it is. My all time favorite collection of eye shadows. 

I lOVE Marc Jacob products. this palette is all-in-one, and perfect for anyone who loves neutrals and maybe a pop of gold. The colors make my green eyes stand out beautifully, and the formula is wonderful. blends great, stays on all day, works well with other products. 

You can’t go wrong with any of the Eye-Conic palettes, and I highly recommend this palette in particular!



Thank you so much for reading! let me know what part of my collection you want to see next, and maybe I’ll upload it tomorrow!


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